About Us

Today, destruction of environmental resources is one of the most important issues of the modern human beings. This destruction begins with water wastage, water pollution, deforestation, destruction of mountains and could potentially lead up to full annihilation of everything that we hold dear. All this could also have a disastrous effect on the physical and psychological health of human beings and paints a dystopian picture of there world for the generations to come. A picture too close to reality.

Therefore it is up to the artists to use the tools available to ameliorate this picture. To reshape this darkly clouded canvas to a colorful horizon and to turn this hectic future into one we cherish.

Arts are the most effective tool for reshaping the cultural beliefs of behaviors of a society and Blue Vision festival aspires to take a small step into initiating a global coalition of artists trying to reimagine their worlds. This festival was founded by Blue Circle environmental group and is being held with the help of many many volunteers who are dedicating their free time and attention for greater good hoping to challenge the world’s most eminent environmental crisis and teach and cultivate a better way of life and taking care of our Blue Plant.