Blue Vision

Call for Entries

Goals of the festival:

  • Raising awareness about the concept of clean energy
  • Using the art of photography to inspire informed use of energy
  • Creating a learning environment for photography enthusiasts
  • Preventing the wasteful and unnecessary consumption of energy resources
  • Persuading the use of clean energy sources
  • A call to action for pollution reduction
  • Creating an international coalition against environmental destruction
  • Cultivating creativity and growth in millennials


The main focus of this year's festival will be:

Clean energies, Optimization of energy consumption, energy wastage, industrial pollution, transportation, air pollution, green city and Sustainable development


  • for PRO category : A 1000$ prize for the winner. A 500$ and 250$ prize for the runner ups.
  • for MOBILE category: Three 200$ prizes for the winners

Deadline: May 10th, 2018

Rules of participation:

  1. All professional and amateurs photographers and photography enthusiasts are encouraged to participate
  2. For PRO photography, participants can submit their work through the official website.
  3. For MOBILE photography, participants must share their work on their Instagram page using the hashtag #BvipFest and Tag Festival page(@BivpFest) on their Photos. The page must not be private or the work has to be sent as a direct message to our official account.
  4. All the photographs in this category will be eventually shared on the official page of the festival.
  5. All pictures must be in JPEG format, no larger than 3mb and in their original dimensions
  6. any form of photo manipulation is allowed to the extent that the photo can uphold its integrity
  7. By submitting photos, participants are agreeing to the general rules of the festival.
  8. Every participant is allowed to submit up to 10 photos for each category.
  9. In case of any unforeseen circumstances, the festival is allowed to take the necessary measures.
  10. All photos must be without signature, personal logos, timestamps, etc.
  11. By submitting photos, participants would be claiming the ownership of the submitted works and the festival forgoes any responsibility on this matter
  12. The festival has the right to use the submitted works in its advertising material, festival's book and any further press and publications.
  13. No purchase necessary to enter the competition.


Deadline for submitting works has been completed.

About us

Today, destruction of environmental resources is one of the most important issues of the modern human beings. This destruction begins with water wastage, water pollution, deforestation, destruction of mountains and could potentially lead up to full annihilation of everything that we hold dear. All this could also have a disastrous effect on the physical and psychological health of human beings and paints a dystopian picture of there world for the generations to come. A picture too close to reality.

Therefore it is up to the artists to use the tools available to ameliorate this picture. To reshape this darkly clouded canvas to a colorful horizon and to turn this hectic future into one we cherish.

Arts are the most effective tool for reshaping the cultural beliefs of behaviors of a society and Blue Vision festival aspires to take a small step into initiating a global coalition of artists trying to reimagine their worlds. This festival was founded by Blue Circle environmental group and is being held with the help of many many volunteers who are dedicating their free time and attention for greater good hoping to challenge the world's most eminent environmental crisis and teach and cultivate a better way of life and taking care of our Blue Plant.


Mahmoud Kalari
Mahmoud Kalari
Mahmoud Kalari is a photographer and cinematagropher. Born on 1952, he's been the cinematographer for more than 70 featured films and has been granted various achievments from national and international festivals. He has a degree in photography techniques from newyork and has been a photographer for cigma international news agancy. He has been recgonized as one of Time magazine's most prominent photographers in 1981 and his work has been featured in many different french, german and american magazines galleries and print media.
Niki karimi
Niki karimi
Niki karimi, born on 1972 is an actor, director, photographer and producer. She's been in over 60 feature films and has been nominated and granted different national and internationals awards. She's been a judge on cannes and berlin film festival and has a long history in photography with various galleries held in different countries around the globe.
Mojtaba Aghaei
Mojtaba Aghaei
Mojtaba Aghaei has been the administrator of Fajr contemprorary and photography festival for four consecitive years and is a lecturer and faculty member at science and culture university. He has held an executive position in different festivals and has held various galleries across the world.
Shadi Ghadirian
Shadi Ghadirian
Shadi Ghadirian is a photographer and a photography graduate. She has started her professional work since 1998 and has held galleries across Iran, Uk, Grance, United states, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Australia, Austria, Mexico, Spain, etc. Born on 1975, she has been a judge on various photography festivals across the world.
Nicolai Niemann
Nicolai Niemann
Nicolai Niemann is an environmental activist, producer and director. He's the founder and administrator of Berlin international green film festival and has been organizing this event for more than a decade with focus on environmental issues. Niman has recieved different international awards for his activites and raising awarness about the environmental issues.

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